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I missed so much work, that I'm on the verge of losing my job. I've already gone over my sick days, and I've already gone through my vacation days as well. I can go back to work, but I would have to have a doctors form template  first. I didn't know what to do, but I was in a state of depression and misery, because of the loss of my marriage. My husband and I got a divorce, and it was recently finalized, and it's absolutely devastating to me. My heart is broken, and I don't know how to stop feeling hurt.
For one week straight, I stayed home and cried every day. After the week was up, I took more time off, in order to stay home and be miserable. No one could talk to me, and if someone called the phone, I let it keep ringing. I finally answered the phone one day, and my boss was calling to see how I was doing. They didn't know why I had missed work, but he let me know that I couldn't continue missing work, without reporting in. I apologized, and I lied, and told him that I had a death in the family that was very hard on me.
I wasn't really lying, because my step brother had died a few weeks before, but that's not why I was sad. I was using my step brother's death as an excuse, because I really needed time to get over my divorce. My boss told me I could take more time, but I would need to bring in a doctors note template, especially for taking sick days off of work. That's all I needed, was more pressure, especially when I was already miserable.
I know that I wasn't in school anymore, and I couldn't just miss days of work, without some good excuses. I jumped on the internet, and I started looking for a sample of slip template. I knew that I would have to make up a doctors note template, before I could go back to work. I found a great example of a form template, and I looked through several templates. I chose a particular template, and I decided to print several of the forms, and make them out for the days that I had missed.
I know I needed to get back to work, although I would miss the free time that I had during the days. 
I saw an example on a website, which showed me how to make myself sick enough, to not have to go to work. I felt very disappointed in myself to take it this far, so I stopped searching. Right before I was about to close the browser, I came across a website offering a template of a dr note. There were templates that I could look at, which would allow me to fill in the blanks, and decide which template would be best for my excuse. When I had gone to see Dr. Keith, he hadn't given me any note, so this was my only way of getting one. I also found out that there are dr note that you can print out. This is handy, especially during emergencies.